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Product Development

When we hear the word development, we think about the technical side of things, whether it be web development, software development or application development, but did you know, development goes into almost everything around us from the food we eat, to the sofas we sit on, to the TVs we watch whilst sitting on our sofas, to ensuring we get the best dash cam video quality.

One local company has gone through multiple development processes when bringing their Smart TV Box to market. Talking to the head of marketing, he gave us an insight into exactly what was involved, and the various different development processes which came together to make the product what it is today.

“Firstly, we knew what we wanted to market, where we wanted to market it, but we weren’t set on the how” he said, continuing “We knew we wanted to retail Android TV boxes to the mass market, to do that we had to stand out from the crowd, and thats where the Starbox name was born.”

“The name itself was chosen and we knew we needed to develop a recognisable brand around the name, with the products themselves, our website, our stationery and invoices, and indeed our shop livery all going to feature the logo, we had to get it right”.

The guys over at DroidStar Electronics had a logo created by a professional team of designers, both for their DroidStar Electronics brand, and also the StarBox brand too.

“Next up, we had to do some work on the product itself, we worked with a trusted group of manufacturers we’ve used over the years to make sure the product was of the highest quality, and could be the best value for money possible”

So the business was born, with the product in production and the logos and brand rady to go, the next stage was to market the product.

“We have a team of in-house web-designers and developers so this part was fairly painless for us – we could create our vision exactly as we wanted it, and we soon had a website online accepting orders from across the globe”

Something that not all products and brands require, but DroidStar did, was a custom Android firmware for their TV boxes, this was also created in-house.

“We didn’t want our boxes to run a stock version of Android, we wanted our customers to feel the love we’d put into our product, all of our Starbox range runs a fully customised version of Android, with each new box we add to the range having the same level of development time put into it to ensure we keep everything truely StarBox”.

So to market a product, not only was product development involved, there was also brand development, website development, electronics development and Android development all required. We asked if knowing what they do now, they would do it all again.

“Absolutely – in fact, we’re still developing new models and Android versions, we’ve just re-developed our website, and we always have some exciting new projects in the pipeline too!”.