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By | March 12, 2016

Five simple suggestions to improve your email marketing.

1. Have a mobile friendly site

Responsive web designs can increase your email list by up to 130%. No – that’s not a typing mistake, we really mean 130%. A huge amount of website visitors these days use a Smartphone or tablet, a website which automatically fits itself to these devices will make them much more user friendly, and in turn allow more users to submit their email to your mailing list.

2. Track your signups using analytics

Having multiple places for a user to sign up to your mailing list can increase the likelyhood someone will sign up, but it may also annoy people into leaving your website, if you use an analytics type system to track which signup forms are converting, and which are not, you can get rid of some of your signup forms which will in turn de-clutter your website.

You can also use analytics to track how many people on your mailing list are opening and reading your emails, and again, how many of the people who do read your emails are returning to your website (or to the product you are marketing).
3. Engage your readers

Building an email list is all well and good, but if you don’t engage your readers, if you can’t convince them to do what it is you want them to do (buy your product or service, visit a website, visit your store) then your list is not much use to you. It is important that you treat your readers as people who are valuable to you, and give them something of value in return, why not offer them free guides or discounts in return for their loyalty?

4. See your material from your readers eyes

When you write content for an email, or your website to try and engage a user, think of your target market, then put yourself in their shoes – is your content giving them something useful, or does it feel like it’s sole purpose is to market a product or service? If it’s the latter then you need to work further on this, or employ someone such as Calagry Internet marketing to handle your email marketing campaigns.

5. Use rich media

Whilst plain text emails are supported by all email clients, the use of images, videos and formatted, rich text (html style) in emails can really catch the users eye – If you’re marketing a new product, include images and a demo video, if you want to highlight a particular part of your email, try bold, or coloured text, or header tags, draw the readers eye to exactly what you want them to read, encourage them to perform the action you want – make your email a call to action.

If you still don’t feel confident in carrying out a successful campaign then you should consider employing Calgary SEO or a similar company who will be able to handle all of the hard work for you, meaning you don’t need to get your hands dirty, or worse – risk getting it wrong!

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