Does development ever end?

By | March 25, 2016

If you’ve ever created a website, a product, or an ebook, you’ll have asked yourself the question “Am I done?”

In the world of development, continually tweaking and optimising your product is a simple habit to fall into, and can mean the product is never truely finished.

Use our simple tips to ensure you finish your development project to the highest standard, and more importantly, reach your end goal.


Whether you’re creating a physical product, an ebook, a website, or something else, the first step of the process should always be to plan. You should have an end goal in sight and this is what you should aim for. Sure, it’s ok to modify your plans along the way, but you should always have an end in sight, if you don’t, you risk overthinking your plan and ending up with a half finished product that doesn’t meet your original requirements.

Take a website for example, you know exactly what the website needs to achieve, and you have a rough idea of how it should look, but once it’s done you find yourself not liking what you see, you then begin tweaking the site, missing release deadlines, and ultimately, no longer believing in your product, or yourself.

Stick to the plan, your initial ideas were likely good, once you have your project complete give it time, gauge the results and then think about making changes if required – remember, you’re creating your product, design, website, whatever for other people, not for yourself.

Manage Your Time

Once you’ve started your project, break it down into bitesize chunks, work on each step in order and don’t be tempted to do the good bits first, whilst it may be fun, you’ll be left with a bunch of boring tasks needing done before you can go live, and you’ll soon lose interest.

As you complete each step, mark it off your list, visualise your goal and see how near you are getting.


Sometimes even the most thought out of plans can hit unforeseen issues, if you come across an issue that you really can’t overcome, carry on with the rest of your plan. A completed project is better than a project which has been half completed and left by the wayside, and you can always revisit later.

Never Give Up

Perhaps the most important thing you can do in any project is persevere, never give up, always reach your intended goal – many a time in the past we have given up on a project, only to kick ourselves down the line when someone else has succeeded where we failed, and we have to watch someone else reap the rewards, the very rewards we would have achieved had we stuck to our guns and got the project finished.

When everything on your list is ticked off, your project is complete – you have a success whether it takes off or not, you can of course start a second project revising the first – if doing this you should follow the same initial process, planning, managing, compromise and persevering.

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