You’ve nurtured and developed your website, now it’s time to move on

By | April 12, 2016

You’ve had a long hard think and came to the decision that it’s time to sell your website, now the fun starts – how do you go about it? It’s not quite as simple as selling some old furniture on ebay, there is a lot more to consider when selling a site.

Finding the right buyer is not a simple task, so you have to make sure you are marketing to the right type of buyer.

If you’ve recently started your website and it hasn’t yet generated any income, you’re going to have to market it based on potential revenue it may make in the future, rather than income you can prove, this is a lot harder to do than marketing a website which has a history of monthly income.

If your website targets a certain niche then it is a good idea to market to people who already run businesses in this niche, they will know the market well and will understand earnings potential as well as proven income. By browsing websites for sale in a similar niche, you will also be able to get a rough idea of the value of your website, and even the potential earnings it could make in future.

If your site is already well established, and you can prove a regular stable earnings income from the website, you will be able to place a value on the site a lot easier. Generally websites are valued at between 6 and 12 months of their income, even up to 18 months in some specific niches.

Value will also be calculated based on the age of the domain, the traffic which it receives and several other intricate factors – it is important to note that potential buyers will want to see statistics relating to traffic, and where the traffic comes from.

If you generate traffic from paid advertising, be honest – if you sell a website and the traffic stops suddenly because you’re no longer advertising, the buyer will not be happy, if you’ve told them in advance they can continue with the advertising and retain the traffic levels, and at the same time, you can retain your good reputation. Failing to dicslose important information like this will make it very hard for you to sell any websites in the future.

Once you’ve established a value and compiled all of the information about your website, traffic and income, you need to start advertising it – where you advertise will depend on your target market, but in general it won’t do any harm to advertise in as many places as possible – Check out the likes of the Digitalpoint forum domain marketplace, the Sitepoint marketplace, Flippa, Ebay etc – all of these have potential buyers, and are either free or cost a relatively small sum.

If you’re not confident in selling by yourself, you can consider handing it over to a broker to handle the sale, a broker will charge a percentage of the final sale value, usually between 8 and 12% – A broker will do all of the administration work involved which leaves you to get on with other things. If your website is relatively small and doesn’t make much in the way of earnings, you may struggle to find a broker to take it on, as they are generally attracted to higher value sites for the comission they will receive.

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