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Eight Reasons to Shop Local for Your Printing Needs

1)Business Acquaintances

Owning your own business is a big deal. When someone starts their own business the ‘shop small’ term becomes real to them. Shopping small means not shopping the big box stores or even the online mega sites. Instead make real interactions with people branch out your business contacts and get to know other small businesses. If you give your printing business to a local printer, you are supporting another small business and not selling out to the big names that offer you thousands of prints for a couple of bucks. You are building a business relationship that will prove very valuable down the line if not right now.

2)A Personalized Touch

A local printer is going to be in the printing business because it is their passion and something they enjoy doing. Not just a job till the next thing comes along. They are invested and want to produce the best products they know how. Their talent will shine through their work no matter how big or small the project is.

3)Face to Face Design time

Most local print shops like Willmar Printing have a designer on staff. Someone you can bring your ideas, and your dreams and visions for your company. This Designer can then transform your ideas into a logo for you, or help you set up the perfect lay out for a planner that suits your needs.

4)All the Examples You Can Handle

When you can walk into an actual print shop, where all they do is print, nothing else, you will be able to get exactly what you want. You will not have to stare at a screen four hours on end hoping that what you put on to that business card comes out right or that the colors are right. You know the alignment will be perfect. With a real live print shop, you can do all the tedious work with them and if for some weird reason it prints out not the way you thought it would on the first example they give you, it can be tweaked and reworked until it is just what you need.


Working one on one with people like this will build relationships. Whether You want it to or not. They are going to know you by name and your business. It is a nice thing in the world of the internet, and rather refreshing. To know there is someone else out there rooting for your business is something more of us need. They want you to succeed because if you do they will get more business too. Either from you or the references you give out about them. These relationships are what good businesses are built on.

6)The Common Good

When you live in a town as a business owner you naturally care about the town, or else you would not be living there. You would be somewhere that you care about. Just like you the local print shop cares about the community too. Small businesses are the fresh air that towns breath. You keep the heart alive in communities by building the town up. That maybe through doing fundraisers for a local charity, or handing out coupons to your business. Having someone to partner with to work out the little details like the flyers or the raffle tickets or the coupons is a great teammate to have.


If you are just starting out your business do not be afraid to offer up a barter. You are going to be telling them about your work anyway to have things printed off for the business. So why not mention that if they have a need for your services you would love to do a trade. It saves you both money and you both will be getting something you need. Win win!


When you work with a local print shop exclusively they will know your brand. Your style, your manner of speaking. They will be able to keep everything they print for you looking and feeling the same across the board. This will help your business not look like a Hodge podge of several different styles pushed together. Consistency is key!